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I truly believe most medical conditions can be both prevented and reversed through a healthy holistic lifestyle.

I have worked full time as a Firefighter Paramedic since 2014. I became a mother in 2016 and my priorities shifted.  After transporting endless patients to the Emergency Department, I came to the realization that the majority of people call 911 for chronic medical conditions, not for true emergencies. Chronic conditions do not need an emergency visit to the hospital; they need a true health intervention to address the root cause of their ailments. That’s when I decided to focus on nutrition and fitness. I want to have a bigger impact on helping others at a deeper level. 

Becoming a mother has been my most life changing experience. It has taught me how precious life is and to try to appreciate and cherish every moment. We only have one life we know of for sure…why not try to make the most of it and be the best versions of us we can be? 


I received a degree in Fire Science in 2009, followed by becoming a licensed Paramedic in 2013. I have been in the fire service for over 10 years; through this experience I have have learned what hard work entails and how to push my limits both physically and mentally. After making the shift into fitness and nutrition, I became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2018. I then went through numerous training courses to teach specific group classes including Inferno Hot Pilates, P90x, Pilates Springboard, as well as Bootcamps, all of which I have been teaching at a local fitness studio. I most recently completed Bauman College and I am now a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. For me, education is never ending.


Trina has created a safe and age-appropriate workout routine that has increased my flexibility and strength, and her counseling on food choices promotes a healthy lifestyle. Several workouts a week has made a difference!

Ray Hill, Bodega Bay Volunteer Firefighter/EMT


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